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Another Circus Act

Another Circus Act / Fernando Damaso
Posted on July 23, 2015

Fernando Damaso, 23 July 2015 — Cuban authorities surrounded the
flag-raising ceremony at the Cuban Embassy in Washington with a circus
act of clowns, magicians, and jugglers, part of a large delegation that
traveled to the city to participate in the affair. They were joined by
Americans friendly to the government, "patriotic" Cuban emigrants, and
Latin American "brethren" invited for the occasion. As expected, there
was no lack of jingoistic gibberish incorporating the words "victory,"
"independence," "freedom," "sovereignty," and others that for years have
comprised the rhetorical arsenal of the authorities of the island.

The Cuban Foreign Minister's speech, as gray as he is, could not have
been more repetitive and lacking in originality and freshness. As usual,
he was stuck in the past, repeating the same old story, exalting the
role of the Cuban historical leaders in the action and minimizing that
of the President of the United States, who was actually the leading figure.

Moreover, he repeated the same intolerant approaches about a possible
political opening and respect for different opinions. You would have to
be deluded to expect anything different.

Despite the restoration of diplomatic relations and the opening of
embassies, it will be very difficult for the Cuban authorities to
abandon their totalitarian concepts that, at least in politics, though
not in the economy, have yielded them a few results. They will continue
clinging to them until the end of their days, simply because they don't
know anything else.

The show was colored with a performance of the "national painter,"
portraying the red and black flag of the July 26th Movement across from
the White House. That's their way of achieving fame, because if they
stop talking, you would need an interpreter to understand it. There were
also some musical numbers, dances, and abundant slogans.

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