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Carnival will offer Florida to Cuba 'mission' cruises next year

Carnival will offer Florida to Cuba 'mission' cruises next year
Posted By Ken Storey on Fri, Aug 21, 2015 at 4:58 pm

Florida-based Carnival Cruise Lines announced that its newest line,
fathom, will be the first American based cruise line to sail to Cuba
since the 1960 embargo.

While vacationing to the communist island is still banned for U.S.
citizens, fathom (which isn't capitalized for some reason) will be
uniquely situated to offer the cruises due to its groundbreaking 'social
impact' cruise focus.

fathom (again, they insist on the lower case thing) was founded earlier
this year and its first cruises will be to the Dominican Republic
starting in April. Unlike traditional cruises fathom is focused on
helping the communities it sails to; think of those 'Mission Trips' from
middle school church youth group, but minus the religious aspect.

Like the Dominican Republic, the Cuban cruises will start off with
lectures on the trip from Miami to the island that will touch on the
history and culture of the destination. Once the ship arrives the Cuban
tour will differ from its' Dominican counterpart by focusing on a more
educational tour instead of humanitarian.

The cruise ship itself will not feature many of the onboard
entertainment options typical for cruises; including no casino and no
Broadway style shows.

Many aspects of the Cuban cruises have yet to determined but Carnival
has identified 11 ports where the 710-passeger ship can dock. Final
approval from the Cuban government is still pending but approval from
the U.S. was recently granted.

The costs for the 7-day trip will be $2,990 per person, not including
taxes and fees, based on a double occupancy for a outside room with a

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