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Tania Bruguera is With Cubans in Costa Rica

Tania Bruguera is With Cubans in Costa Rica / 14ymedio
Posted on November 27, 2015

14ymedio, Havana, 26 November 2015 — The artist Tania Bruguera heeded
the call of some of the more than 3,000 Cuban migrants who have been
stuck for more than ten days ago in the north of Costa Rica after the
Government of Nicaragua prevented their continuing their journey to
United States.

A group of migrants created a Facebook page called "Let the Cubans Pass"
so that "the world will know their names, experiences and professions in
order to contradict those who brand Cubans trying to reach the United
States as criminals."

"I want to show my solidarity by being there with them. I have no plan,
I am not anybody who is going change any situation. But well, at least
to be with them," said Bruguera in an interview published by the Costa
Rican online journal Socialism Today.

"A mechanism needs to be created for the people to hold the government
accountable in a peaceful and legal way, without it being seen as a
counterrevolutionary attitude" she stresses.

"I think the government is dedicated to lowering people's hopes and what
we are seeing today is that a year after [the restoration of relations
with the US] people do not see a solution to their problems and prefer
to sell their homes and leave their families and go to another country
to seek their fortune rather than stay in Cuba to see what happens," she
says. "In Cuba there is no economic migration that is not political."

Bruguera has also been affected by government limitations on movement
when, between late December of 2014 and August of this year she was
prevented from leaving Cuba. After being held on the island for eight
months for organizing a performance in Revolution Square in Havana, the
authorities finally returned her passport and she was able to take up a
fellowship at Yale University.

The artist has worked previously on the subject of migrants, in
particular when she founded the Immigrant Movement International, an art
project conceived in 2006 and presented by Creative Time and the Queens
Museum of Art. With this initiative she proposed to initiate a
socio-political movement, so she spent a year working in the
multicultural neighborhood of Corona, Queens in New York City.

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