Friday, December 25, 2015

Exiles in Cuba

Exiles in Cuba

It is touching to see a group of very successful Cuban-Americans who
signed a Dec. 20 Miami Herald full-page ad, An open letter to our fellow
Cuban-Americans, so selflessly concerned with the welfare of the Cuban

I do not question their good intentions, but as Henry Kissinger said
recently, effective diplomacy is not an exercise in good feelings.

Any policy that hopes to effectively influence a society must be
grounded in a comprehensive and rational understanding of the history
and realities of such a society, the kind of knowledge you cannot expect
to gain after a couple of brief visits.

Your letter reveals a woeful unawareness of the events and individuals
who have shaped contemporary Cuban society, as well as a surprising naiveté.

You could have endorsed the new policy by arguing that it is a worthy
experiment in soft power to nudge the Cuban leadership towards a more
open society.

Although intelligent people can disagree about the merits of such an
approach, at least this would be an argument that acknowledges the
nuances and limitations inherent to real diplomacy.

But if you believe the Cuban leadership is seriously committed to
building a freer and more open society, then I have a bridge to sell you.



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