Monday, December 28, 2015

Real Madrid to Hold Youth Soccer Camp in Cuba

Real Madrid to Hold Youth Soccer Camp in Cuba
Published 27 December 2015

Spanish soccer club Real Madrid is preparing to organize a sports camp
in Cuba.
One hundred children are set to participate in a Real Madrid soccer camp
in Cuba, officials announced Saturday.

"We want to bring five Spanish coaches, while the Cubans hope to have
five coaches and ten teachers to work with approximately 100 children,"
said Joaquin Sangues, director of the Real Madrid Foundation, according
to Cuban newspaper Granma.

Sangues said the camp is part of a broader plan to promote soccer in Cuba.

"We're all interested in seeing this kind of work in Cuba in the
future," Sangues said.

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The exact date of the camp has yet to be confirmed, though organizers
say it will likely take place over the course of a week. Former Real
Madrid players may also participate.

Soccer has long been sidelined in Cuba for baseball, though Cuban sports
officials say the sport is quickly becoming more popular.

In 2012, Cuba won the Caribbean Cup, after placing second in 2005, 1999
and 1996.

Source: Real Madrid to Hold Youth Soccer Camp in Cuba | News | teleSUR
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