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Synopsis of a Report Detailing the first Semester of 2011 in 5 Cuban Provinces / Luis Felipe Rojas

Synopsis of a Report Detailing the first Semester of 2011 in 5 Cuban
Provinces / Luis Felipe Rojas
Luis Felipe Rojas, Translator: Raul G.

*This report was born here, where the accredited Cuban agencies never
visit and where the orders of the General ('the streets belonging to the
revolutionaries') are upheld through beatings, detainments, and prison
bars. With the political and economic crisis plaguing the country, the
Cuban government has implemented new measures which go directly against
the lives of Cubans. This situation has given rise to massive discontent
against the government's politics. However, the current context has been
planned by the governmental authorities who have held a tight grip on
the half a century long political model.

The solution of the militants has been the increased repression within
society in order to avoid the accumulation of open criticism which would
endanger the stability of the country. This is why the government has
applied a heightened level of repression against independent civil
society, and as consequence there are more detainments of multiple
dissidents, beatings of protestors in the streets, acts of mob
repudiation, threats against the relatives of dissidents, restrictions
of movement for activists within the national territory, deportations,
harassment of activists, and forced house arrests in order to impede
public civic activities in the streets.

The outcome of this abusive system has brought the death of another
dissident, this time in a public park during the month of May. His name
was Juan Wilfredo Soto Garcia. This death was even mentioned through the
very own words of General Raul Castro when he came out on television and
authorized the repression against those who do not agree with socialism.

It is not dismissible, and we warn, with time, that there will be other
possible victims of Castro's system. The mob repudiation attacks
continues as a practice of the government implemented in order to try
and frighten the human rights activists and the opposition. These
actions constitute a highly dangerous factor, for it endangers the lives
of civilians and defenseless people, among them children, women, and the

These photos are the most recent proof. It occurred on Sunday, July
17th. Various women went to the sanctuary of El Cobre to attend mass.
Upon concluding mass, the women carried out a silent march through the
streets with their gladiolus in hand. Such an act scared the regime so
much that beatings were indiscriminately carried out against the women.
This time they were not detained and taken to a police unit because they
had to be taken to the hospital first.

*Translator's note: The 'report' Luis Felipe mentions is the mid-annual
report of human rights abuses and repression which have occurred in Cuba
for 2011, and which has been published on the blog of the Eastern
Democratic Alliance, "El Palenque". In the report, one can notice the
increase of violence and attacks against the Cuban people during 2011.

Translated by Raul G.

20 July 2011

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