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We Want Yordi in Santa Clara / Ricardo Medina

We Want Yordi in Santa Clara / Ricardo Medina
Ricardo Medina, Translator: Unstated

The Methodist Pastor Yordi Alberto Toranzo Collado, rector of "Trinity"
Church in the city of Santa Clara. Source: Google Images.

Seeking the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness, has been the Methodist
Pastor Yordi Alberto Toranzo Collado,, rector of the "Trinity" Church in
the city of Santa Clara, who swore before the Altar of God to seek the
Kingdom of God and his Righteousness. The same inscription is in a
stained glass image of Jesus with outstretched arms, leading the church
whose rector, with the consent of the Holy Spirit, Yordi leads in that
city, this image offers a welcome to the people of Santa Clara who pass
in front of the temple and gather there.

So the Rev. Yordi Alberto Toranzo Collado, encouraged by the sense of
justice, left his house and walked a few blocks to join the grieving
family of Soto García, Sunday May 8, the feast of Mother's Day, as he
does and is called on to do, not only as a minister of God, but to all
the baptized.

It is sad to see how Monseñor Ricardo Pereira Díaz, Bishop of the
Methodist Church in Cuba, a few days later and prompted by fear of State
Security through the Department of Attention to Religious Matters and
the Ministry of Justice and the Council of State, called for the removal
of the pastor to the town of Santa Cruz del Norte, of Havana province.
It is painful that an authority of the Church of Christ for the Republic
of Cuba serves the government better than he serves his flock and their

Monseñor Pereira, I am a witness of this town of Santa Clara, where the
adages of contempt continued against the temple, the sign that announced
the Municipal Party Headquarters, the place which was operated as the
Methodist Church in Cuba, I remember as a child (because I am from Santa
Clara), how the workers of the Municipal Part bought eggs and called the
children studying the Mariano Clemente Prado primary school, located
across from the church, to through the eggs at the Reverent Pedro Mayor
and his wife Ana Luise whom I remember with much fondness.

Now as a priest of Christ I do not understand, nor will I ever
understand, the position you have taken agasint Yordi, his place is to
be at the side of justice and I am very sure that this is being denied
by the ministry in which you preside. Reflect and ask for the light of
the Holy Spirit and say with us:

"We want Yordi in Santa Clara."

June 28 2011

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