Thursday, July 28, 2011

Watching Yesterday's Event / Regina Coyula

Watching Yesterday's Event / Regina Coyula
Regina Coyula, Translator: Unstated

I decided not to write about the celebration of the event for the 26th
of July. Last year's post would be perfect to narrate the essence of
what happened yesterday in Ciego de Avila. These celebrations and the
supposed competition of the provinces to be the site of them, have been
converted into mere formalities. Formalities full of hollow figures,
because if simply search your memory you can remember the speech for the
occasion, a long list of achievements of all the provinces, as all at
some time have been the site of event of yesterday, some provinces
several times; figures that, if true, should have brought a better
economic outlook in the country, and we know the sorry state in which
the Cuban economy finds itself.

It's not a bad idea to abandon the paraphernalia that surrounds the
country each year with the celebration of the 26th of July, and honor
the martyrs by dedicating to social works the enormous resources that
are devoted to the event (transportation and accommodation for the
Moncada combatants, printed T-shirts, hats or caps, food and snacks,
mobilization of personal), in short, the always secret funds that swell
the enormous and seemingly bottomless debt, that yet hangs over us all.

July 27 2011

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