Monday, August 22, 2011

Cuban dissident group says 2 members arrested

Cuban dissident group says 2 members arrested
Published August 22, 2011

Havana – The Ladies in White, the dissident movement seeking freedom
for political prisoners, reported the arrest of two of its members in
Havana and the harassment of another group in the eastern province of
Santiago de Cuba.

Berta Soler, a spokeswoman for the group, said Sunday that "police
dragged" two of their followers "out of their homes and took them away
under arrest, and as yet we have heard nothing more."

Soler said that 26 women marched through the streets Sunday after
leaving Mass at Havana's Santa Rita Church, as they have done every
Sunday since 2003.

She also said that at the town of Palma Soriano in the eastern province
of Santiago de Cuba, police prevented at least 17 women from reaching
the cathedral to attend Mass this Sunday.

About the incident, former "Group of 75" political prisoner Jose Daniel
Ferrer told Efe by phone from Santiago de Cuba that a total of 17 women
were "forcibly stopped from reaching the church."

Ferrer said that 11 of them were mistreated in the town of Palma Soriano
when leaving the home of Aymee Garces, and were "violently" forced to
get on a bus where they were confined for a couple of hours, while
another five were taken to a police station and later released.

Last Thursday the Ladies in White, winners of the European Parliament's
2005 Sajarov Award for Freedom of Though, complained that they were the
objects of "repudiation" with "physical violence" as they were setting
out on their march in Havana.

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