Monday, August 22, 2011

Cuba's Laides in White attacked

Cuba's Laides in White attacked

Cuba's Laides in White attacked Cuba's Ladies in White as they held one
of their protests.
Sun, August 21, 2011 - 3:44 PM

HAVANA, Cuba – Supporters of Cuba's Ladies in White group say Cuba
government supporters have attacked more than 40 members in what they
described as the worst violence against the Havana group since the
Catholic Church interceded on their behalf last spring.

Spokeswoman Berta Soler said today that the mob punched, slapped and
kicked the women, spit on them, pulled their hair and ripped some of
their clothes to break up the women's attempt to stage a street protest
on Thursday.

She told reporters here that several of the 42 women who were attacked
reported bruises on their arms and legs, but none required medical

Ladies in White leader Laura Pollán said the women left her home after
their monthly gathering for a "literary tea" for a march to protest
violent attacks on the Ladies in White branch in the eastern city of
Santiago over the past four weeks.

She said 47 women had gathered at the house, but five did not go out
because of age and health issues.

Pollán said another eight women were detained and taken away by police
near her house on Thursday morning to keep them from joining the
gathering. They were freed later.

Soler said Thursday's attack was the harshest in Havana since March of
last year, when the Catholic Church urged the government to halt an
increasingly violent string of aggressions against the women during
their regular Sunday protests. (CMC)

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