Sunday, August 28, 2011

Jokes About Dictators / Regina Coyula

Jokes About Dictators / Regina Coyula
Regina Coyula, Translator: Unstated

Yesterday I didn't leave my house. The morning news on Radio Reloj
(Clock Radio), didn't even have old news about Libya. I couldn't watch
the midday news because the power was out. At eight at night on National
Television News there were only the headlines after the 50th anniversary
of the Cuban Women's Federation (FMC) and the threat of a cyclone.

A synthesis:

- Confusion in Tripoli.

- Doubts about the capture of the dictator's sons.

- Concern for the journalists of the Voltaire Network who exposed the
Atlantic Alliance massacres and who are threatened with death.

- A young man was kissing the American flag.

- The rebel troops were unable to find the whereabouts of Gadaffi.

- The opinion of the Venezuelan president about the situation in the
North African country.

- Gadaffi had spoken by telephone with Ilyumzhinov, president of World
Chess Federation and the Republic of Kalmykia.

This morning, Radio Reloj, which, together with the newspaper Granma and
National Television News, General Gadaffi should promote to the Generals
of his troops, was proclaiming that the dystopian clown should convert
Libya into a volcano against foreign invasion, and denounced the rebels
hidden in houses of the residents of Tripoli.

This reminded me of the joke about Granma (the original joke was about
the newspaper Pravda), that if Napoleon had had this paper, the world
never would have heard of his defeat at Waterloo.

It also reminds me of something less festive and more recent: Those
jingoistic statements by many compatriots urging Saddam Hussein to fight
to the death before being poignantly captured. Live and learn.

August 24 2011

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