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Ex-Police Official in Same Jail as His Victim's Brother / Laritza Diversent

Ex-Police Official in Same Jail as His Victim's Brother / Laritza Diversent
Laritza Diversent, Translator: Ya Viene LLegando

Amado Interian, the former official of the Ministry of the Interior, who
shot Angel Izquierdo Medina, 14, while Mr. Medina was eating fruit from
a mamoncillo tree this past July 15th, is being held in the same prison
awaiting trial, as the victim's brother.

"They put him there so that my son can carry the rap for the murder he
didn't commit," affirmed Raiza Medina, mother of Izquierdo Medina,
referring to the authorities, when her eldest son informed her, from the
Valle Grande prison in Havana, that they had placed his brother's
assassin, in the same prison where he was being held.

"I am not healthy enough to withstand 20 more years, they know that a
death in there costs 20 years", said Raiza, who suffers from a chronic
renal insufficiency and fears for her eldest son, Roilan Herce Medina,
arrested, according to the family, for an alleged assault.

"I know that my son remains there and it's going to get complicated,
because one has to have very cold blood knowing that someone has
murdered your brother, seeing the assassin on a daily basis, and not
being able to do anything," she commented. Mrs. Medina thinks that the
authorities did it on purpose so that her son will react against Interian.

"They are finding an excuse so that later they will be able to take him
(Mr. Medina) out of there and put him in his son's house, who is an
assembly deputy and who is doing everything possible to put the land
where his father killed my son, in his father's name."

"Maybe they are only looking for one or another of them to seek revenge
and take justice into their own hands", said the maternal grandmother of
Angel Izquierdo. Many of the residents of Mantilla, where the young
Izquierdo lived and where Amado Interian practiced as Chief of the
police sector, are serving sentences or awaiting trial in the same

According to information given to the victim's mother by Major Maikel
Nuviola, the preliminary investigations into her son's death are
inconclusive due to a lack of statements by two witnesses who
accompanied the young Mr. Izquierdo, that fateful day.

It was Mrs. Izquierdo who took a second set of declarations made by the
two witnesses to the Department of Territorial Investigations, on 100th
and Aldabo, because the first statements taken the day of the killing,
were lost at a police station in Capri. Additionally, the present
statements have not yet reached the hands of the District Attorney
because he is on vacation.

Regarding the alleged cause of death, acute anemia, certified by the
authorities, the victim's mother affirmed, that the investigator on the
case and the state institution, confirmed to her that the bullet shot by
Interian entered her son's body from the left side, destroyed the
femoral artery, crossed through his kidneys and liver, then lodged
itself in the lung, causing the youth's death almost instantly.

Translated by Ya Viene LLegando

August 22 2011


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