Saturday, May 26, 2012

Economic Emigration / Regina Coyula

Economic Emigration / Regina Coyula
Regina Coyula, Translator: Unstated

In recent times so much has been said about the Cubans abroad that my
ear has grown accustomed to the word emigrants. The term economic
emigrants is said and written to refer to the Cubans that abandoned
their country as a result of the crisis that we know here in Cuba as the
Special Period. Even if it is true, that is not all there is to it.

Those who manipulate the term with ease disassociate it from the cause
of why Cubans have put roots down even in countries like Haiti and
Namibia. From having been a country colonized by Spain, China, "Poland"
(a source of Jewish immigrants) and other smaller places, the flow of
foreigners not only stopped, but it is now Cubans who began to spread
out around the world, in a flow that has not ceased. That would be
unthinkable if opportunities for personal or professional development

The causes always refer to politics; in Cuba,politics is what has
imposed limits on the economy and a disruption of the logical order. So,
however much they try to remove ideology as a motive, Cuban emigration
is political.

May 25 2012

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