Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Oil pipeline undergoing repairs

Oil pipeline undergoing repairs

Citing "continuous breakdowns," official daily Granma reported that
workers have begun repairing an oil pipeline from Cárdenas to Matanzas.

The 20-mile pipeline, laid at a depth of 1.6 meters, supplies crude oil
from onshore fields to a storage facility near the Port of Matanzas. The
pipeline will continue to function during repairs, made by EPEP-C, a
regional subsidiary of state oil company CubaPetróleo and expected to be
completed by mid-June.

The repairs will focus on design and welding and include testing of
resistance, hermeticism and overcoat, Granma reported, without saying
whether there might have been any leaks.

The daily said the repairs were "essential to recapitalizing the oil

The bulk of domestic oil production, which covers half of the country's
needs, is centered in the region around Cárdenas. All oil produced in
Cuba is sulphur-heavy crude, which requires special refining processe


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