Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Without Justice and Without Rights / Yaremis Flores

Without Justice and Without Rights / Yaremis Flores
Cuban Legal Advisor, Translator: mlk, Yaremis Flores

The Havana capital will welcome the sessions of the Sixth International
Meeting of Justice and Law in the Conventions Palace the next 23rd
to25th of May. More than 500 delegates will meet; of those, 300 are
foreign jurists from 14 nations.

Among the prioritized themes to be discussed are found access to justice
on the island, the re-education work in Cuban prisons and criminal due
process, according to the note published on the website www.gpalco.com.
As with earlier editions, there will be an official presentation about
the case of the five Cubans sentenced in the United States for spying
for the Cuban government.

Ruben Remigio, president of the Supreme Tribunal, sponsor of the event,
said in a press conference offered last Thursday, that the meeting will
permit Cuba to show the advances in its judicial plan, in the process of
procedures and the transparency of the administration of justice.

"The meeting will be a 'sounding board' to present a counteroffensive
against the orchestrated campaigns for the major press, that tries to
discredit Cuba and silence its achievements in the administration of
justice,"added the jurist.

Remigio boasted of the victories of the Cuban Revolution in justice
as"favoring the exchange of experiences among different judicial
operators." Nevertheless, not all jurists will be represented in this
debate. Only lawyers from state sectors have access to the convention.
Also, an Organizing Committee is charged with selecting those reports
related to political concepts of the government.

Laritza Diversent and this writer, though we are both lawyers, have
never participated in this kind of event. "I have not attended the
convention. The only objective of the organizers is to paper over the
chinks in the Cuban judicial system," commented Diversent.

Among the missing matters of the congress are the inadequate assessment
of proof on the part of the Tribunals, the forced or slave work of the
prisoners of the island and the advantages of an independent judicial
power. Maybe a deep analysis of these topics will avoid another
international meeting without justice and without rights.

Translated by mlk

May 21 2012


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