Saturday, November 17, 2012

Reasoning with Antonio Rodiles

Reasoning with Antonio Rodiles / Reinaldo Escobar
Antonio Rodiles, Dagoberto Valdes, Miriam Celaya, Reinaldo Escobar,
Translator: Unstated, Yaremis Flores

As of this afternoon the latest chapter of Citizens' Reasons will be
available, dedicated to discussing a topic that is abstract but
essential: Legitimacy. Participating on this occasion are Dagoberto
Valdés, Miriam Celaya, Antonio Rodiles and, as moderator, this humble
servant who is pleased to announce the program.

Of particular interest is the presence of the animator of the space
Estado de Sats — Antonio Rodiles — who was arrested just as we were
finishing editing the chapter.

As its title indicates, this edition of Citizens' Reasons tries to
respond to the question of to what extent we citizens should recognize
the legitimacy of the "current" Cuban government and what we must do
from civil society to achieve our own legitimacy.

The arbitrary arrest of Antonio Rodiles occurred confronting a
department of State Security while participating in a civic and peaceful
action to inquire about the situation of the attorney Yaremis Flores.
There he was brutally beaten, but it was not his attackers who had to
answer to the law, but rather the victim, accused of "resisting arrest."
At the time of this writing the courts have not ruled on the matter.

This has been the reality that gives the context to what is discussed in
the most recent chapter of Citizens' Reasons. I recommend that you watch it.

16 November 2012

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