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The Harassment of Cotorro

The Harassment of Cotorro / Cuban Law Association, Esperanza Rodriguez
Bernal #Cuba
Cuban Law Association, Esperanza Rodríguez Bernal, Translator: Unstated

By Lic. Esperanza Rodríguez Bernal

On more than one occasion the citizen William Alexis Cacer Diaz has
requested assistance from the Cuban Law Association for having been the
victim of unlawful conduct by police officers.

First, he was robbed of a camera, a mobile phone and a mini tape
recorder he used in his work as a self-employed photographer).

At that time he was oriented with regards to what he needed to do in
accordance with the provisions of Article 66, paragraph 1) in relation
to Article 401 and following of the Law of Civil Administrative, Labor
and Economic Procedure, to lodge a Demand for Process of Protection of
Possession, against the Relevant Acts of the Authorities before the
corresponding court.

Now William returns to us for advice as he continues to suffer arrests.

On none of the occasions on which he has been detained have they showed
him an arrest warrant: he has been taken in a police car to the Cotorro
Police Station and kept in a cell there for several hours.

When he asks about the reason for this the answer has been: "it's a CI
(counterintelligence) matter."

Now William refers also to the threat that, for going to Estado de Sats,
they have warned him he will be arrested every time there is an event
announced at the home of Antonio Rodiles.

It is legal to do what the law does not prohibit and therefore if the
agents arrest William again for attention Estado de Sats it will confirm
their illegal conduct and they can be accused before the Military
Prosecutor for this act that contravenes Article 58 of the Constitution
of the Republic:
Freedom and inviolability of persons is assured to all who reside in the

No one may be arrested except in the cases, in the manner and with the
guarantees prescribed by the laws…

What is happening with William reminds me of that famous work of Victor
Hugo, in which a police displayed a visceral satisfaction in a lifelong
pursuit of a former convict who, in the end, ended up saving the life of
his pursuer.

Who can refute that life, with its avatars someday repeats an episode
similar to Les Miserables? … Only with new characters and and a new
location, and so it seemed to me a good idea to call this the Harassment
of Cotorro.

October 3 2012

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