Sunday, November 25, 2012

The Death of Oswaldo Paya

The Death of Oswaldo Paya / Mario Barroso
Mario Barroso, Translator: Unstated

With regards to the cause of Oswaldo Payá's death, I give his family the
complete benefit of the doubt. And all the details that have been
happening day to day after such an unfortunate event, reinforce this.

I highlight the total lack of communication between the survivors and
the family [enforced by government officials]; communication that would
have been the most natural thing in the world if it had actually been an
accident. Not to mention the events that happened earlier, over decades,
with regards to Oswaldo's life; because no one can deny the benefit of
the doubt in a case where there have been so many threats and attempts
to liquidate such an important life. This was done with so many others,
including poor Camilo Cienfuegos, whose fate this event has one again
called to mind for an already incredulous people as one of the most
macabre precedents.

Payá himself had been clearly warned, "It is a final combat between the
power of the lie and the terror on one hand and the spirit of liberation
on the other." The regime, for a long time, simply undertook a simple
cost-benefit analysis of his death and brought it about with innumerable

Payá's warning in recent times with respect to those called the new
oligarchy, those who bet on power smelling the un-postponable change and
the style of some of the Eastern European experiences are taking steps
to take for themselves the best slices of the cake; these must be the
worst and most pragmatic enemies of the present time and as time passes
they will become more dangerous still.

Not to mention those who desire revenge, remembering that this is just
an extension of the Black Sprint that began in 2003, and in particular
considering that that this peaceful enemy of Fidel Castro could have
been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

All this without mentioning that in any country where there is rule of
law, if it really had been an accident, as the person responsible for
the bad state of the road and the lack of warning signs would have been
guilty without discussion, and that would have been just. So considering
all the possible variations, the finger points to the same suspect over
and over again just as a compass always points north.

November 16 2012

The Death of Oswaldo Paya / Mario Barroso -

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