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A True Story That Reveals the Work of the Cooperating Cubans in Venezuela

A True Story That Reveals the Work of the Cooperating Cubans in Venezuela
Posted on April 26, 2013
By Ignacio Estrada

Havana, Cuba — Some time ago I listened to a doctor from from Villa
Clara narrate her life as a medical aid worker, in the Republic of

I listened carefully to each of her stories. Gossip that she perhaps
told me in confidence between friends, but the mere fact of the imminent
threat of the spread of red tide and the enthronement in Venezuela of
Cubanization makes me see myself obliged to recreate one of these stories.

According to the doctor friend who served as a volunteer in Venezuela
for more than five years and managed to become head of a Medical Mission
to one of the parishes and that the role of the doctors was more than
saving lives and, on occasion, they served as thermometers of Venezuelan
society .

When I use the word thermometer, an instrument known for measuring
environmental and body temperatures. It is because this also the work of
the majority of medical aid workers to provide services to measure the
state of opinion of the Venezuelan people. Information that is collected
and passed to the intelligence services and the government so that they
know where they need to work and how to change that state of opinion.

Perhaps what for many is not important for others is novel and what a
pleasure for it to be both, Important and Novel. Who can imagine the
Cuban army of white coats doing intelligence work in a foreign country?
Work is not unknown by the authorities in power who try to win converts.

According to what my friend told me things weren't left there; during
times of presidential campaigns they also had to work to win votes for
the official President. And this vote is won by explaining to people
that the benefit they receive from healthcare and other things is free
thanks to former President Chavez and the humanitarian work of the
government. These chats take place in the clinics and while traveling
around the the neighborhoods to deliver medications, and the
conversations also serve to threaten the beneficiaries that if Chavismo
ceases to exist all the projects will cease to exist.

This work is repeated whenever Medical Mission Cubans are in Venezuela,
many of them looking for what they can not achieve in their own country
for their families with their profession. The Cubanization is one of the
key factors and principle support and bastion of Chavismo Venezuela.

This same friend in one of our many conversations, also told me about
where she lived with another compatriot in her profession. According to
her, this other doctor was serving on a Medical Mission on Margarita
Island, one of the opposition stronghold states in Venezuela. It turns
out that the opposition mayor once visited the Diagnostic Center that
was under her charge on this island. And seeing the poor conditions
there promised to send help the next day to improve the waiting room,
and fix the air conditioning and the consulting room.

The aid appeared quickly but the doctor could not receive it under
threat of her superiors that she would be deported to Cuba and Medical
Mission suspended for receiving help from the opposition. It would seem
stupid but but it's not, because on signing on the Cuban doctors would
realize that not everything is like they say, and I am more than
convinced that they exchange the improvements for their families for
what they are forced to endure.

This doctor knew how to use one of the beneficiaries of her attentions
and through him asked the Mayor that please not to send the aid the
following morning, thanking him but he was sincere in the reason he
attended and the opposition mayor heard her and didn't fail to fulfill
his promise to help the cooperative.

I do not advocate violence, or the witch hunt, but at times like these I
sympathize with the Venezuelan nation and call for the social order and
the restoration of democracy. I am one of the many Cubans who do not
want to export the model that has failed our nation to another country
in our America, I am one of those who wants Cubans to travel freely and
conquer new areas and earn their livings with dignity but without
trampling the suffering of others.

I apologize to God first and secondly to my friend, a doctor who for
safety I don't say her name name to reveal her stories, but just knowing
that there are people who need to hear these truths is bigger than any
secrets and I am convinced that someday she will be relieved by having
used me to fix who knows what collateral damage that has been caused.

To say Enough is Enough of Cubanization in Venezuela, it not to close
the doors of this nation to freedom-loving Cubans. It is to close off
those who by deceit come to trample and usurp the rights that it is up
to citizens to decide for themselves and that is the right to take back
the future of our nation be it any of the existing models.

22 April 2013

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