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Jose Marti Society is a Ghost With the Site in Ruins

Jose Marti Society is a Ghost With the Site in Ruins / Intramuros
Posted on April 16, 2013
By Juan Carlos Fernández Hernández.

José Martí, the man we Cubans call our "Apostle," was, and let no man
doubt it, a man of vast moral, spiritual and cultural heritage.
Qualities that have served as the cornerstone for modeling the thinking
of being Cuban.

Well, some years ago José Martí Cultural Societies were set up in
provinces and municipalities, designed and created to foster among our
population, especially young people, the thought and vision of the
Master; this was a vain endeavor by Communist Party leaders to somehow
fit Marti within Marx, Engels and Lenin.

It sounds crazy but the effort still persists, although it is fair to
say that the Communist ideologues don't know how to insert the liberal
ideas of Marti within those of International Communism, and no one
swallows their story anyway because the Complete Works of Jose Marti
circulate freely on the streets, and in these works Marti dismisses
Marx, Communism included.

But back to the idea of the so-called Cultural Society, as an idea it is
very good but, it all depends on the intentions… let me explain.

If this was intended to rescue the thinking of the Apostle from
shameless oblivion shameful for new generations, for them to have as a
reference in their lives, it would be logical that these institutions
would have the social role that the name suggests. But, on the contrary,
the organization almost unknown to the ordinary person from Pinar del
Rio, passing by its headquarters, dilapidated and unpainted, in an old
house located in San Juan Street between Yagruma and Martí. What irony,
given that this was the home of a respected and wealthy local family. It
is in such a shameful state due to the degree of neglect that is
inhabited only by the ghosts of its former owners.

I do not think anyone in Pinar del Rio would be happy with the fate of
the José Martí Cultural Society, but the complaints can be put to good
use, we have to rely on citizen action, so we can together find
solutions to rescue something that can be very valuable and appreciated
by all.

A public collection in Pinar del Rio would involve a lot of citizens,
taking as its theme something that can't miss: "With all and for the
good of all." It would be healthy, it would empower citizens and they
would feel a part of a city repairing one block for this Society, where
the authorities are rushing to repair the hard currency store popularly
known as "Bambi."

I would like to note that material things are important to us, but more
important than profit are the healthy and transcendent ideas of the
Apostle of all Cubans, who preferred to reach out with the white rose
because he could not hate.

by Juan Carlos Fernandez Hernandez. (1965). Pinar del Rio. Co-leader of
the Brotherhood Assistance to Prisoners and their Families Pastoral Care
of the Diocese of Pinar del Rio. He is a member of the team of Coexistence.

4 April 2013

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