Sunday, April 28, 2013

Differences and Pluralism

Differences and Pluralism / Fernando Damaso
Posted on April 27, 2013

For some time, our main political leaders have begun talking about the
need to accept and respect differences, both in Cuban society and the
world. Although, in regard to the world, at least in the speeches and
communications, and even some regional and international organizations.
In the national sphere it's not the same and they limit themselves, so
far, to questions relating to culture, religion, race and sexuality. The
issue of differences in political conceptions seems to be taboo, and not
part of the official language.

To accept and respect some differences, excluding other important one,
is not serious nor sufficient: acceptance and respect should encompass
everything but, even more, it is essential to create the constitutional
and legal framework to ensure their practical implementation, and
failing this it is all just words which, usually, are gone with the wind.

"Pluralism,: which is a more all-encompassing than "differences," is a
pending issue for the authorities, to which they have to pay special
attention, if they truly want to walk the path of economic reform,
although they want to call it an "update" when what it needs is to be

Without constitutional and legal changes that delete or modify the
different articles that prevent and repress pluralism, our society
cannot advance and, much less, get in line with the times. To keep
one-party hegemony, political and social organizations organized and
controlled by it, a National Assembly legislates and, itself, decides
the constitutionality of legislation (judge and jury) and elects the
president and fills the main posts, based on a proposals from a
so-called Nominations Commission, without direct participation of voters
and other absurdities, refusing the proclaimed acceptance of
differences, or, and it's the same thing, of pluralism.

It's true that this is not an easy task, for those who have held
absolute power for more than fifty years, but, sooner rather than later,
they will have to decide to take the bull by the horns, for the good of
the nation and of all Cubans.

23 April 2013

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