Friday, March 21, 2014

Exhibit Exposes Cuba's Communist Generation to Bible

Exhibit Exposes Cuba's Communist Generation to Bible
By Stan Jeter
CBN News Senior Producer
Thursday, March 20, 2014

For decades, Christians in Cuba have faced arrest and imprisonment under
the communist, atheist government. In recent years, the situation has
improved and believers can now worship freely in their churches.

That new reality was evident during a 21-day event in which thousands of
Cubans came to view Bible manuscripts and artifacts displayed in
Havana's main cathedral.

Most of the items in the Green Collection came from the private
collection of Oklahoma philanthropist Steve Green.

"There are some really exciting artifacts here that tell not only the
history of how we got the Bible, but the impact that Spain and Latin
America had on the history of the Bible," Norman Conrad, co-curator of
the Christian Heritage Museum, told CBN News.

From Dead Sea scrolls to Jewish Torah scrolls that survived the Spanish
Inquisition and much more, the exhibit led visitors through the history
and message of the Bible.

Cuban-American educator Carlos Campo joined guests at the exhibition.

"So you came into the space at the cathedral, watched a video about what
the Bible was, what it meant to the Christian life," Campo explained.

"And then you moved through the entire event that included a replica of
the Gutenberg press," he continued.

"So folks could come in and actually pick a verse from the Bible and
have it pressed out on this parchment and take it with them as a
'regalo' -- as a gift," he said.

More than 6,000 Cubans visited the exposition in the first week alone,
curious about a book that had long been suppressed.

"They had not really a lot of experience obviously with the Bible for 21
years; you know, Bibles weren't allowed on the island at all pretty
much," Campo continued. "There's been some loosening of that now, of
course, but so many folks were interested to see what this was all about."

Cuban Christians saw this as an opportunity to promote God's Word to a
generation that grew up under Communism when the Church was suppressed.

One man said, "It was a way to evangelize this country, and I think it's
very interesting and important."

Another said, "I've always read about those themes in the Bible and to
see them personally is a privilege. I think it's a spectacular experience."

"I believe this is a great opportunity to announce the Good News of
Christ through this exposition and through his word," a lady commented.

The exhibition brought together evangelical and Catholic leaders and had
the support of the United Bible Society. The Green Collection will
eventually be housed in Washington, D.C., in a privately funded museum
of the Bible, projected to open in 2017.

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