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S.O.S. - They Continue Harassing Angel Santiesteban in Prison

S.O.S.: They Continue Harassing Angel Santiesteban in Prison / Angel
Posted on March 24, 2014

My incarceration is not enough for the dictatorship

At dawn on last March 22, we prisoners, once again, were awakened by
henchmen's boots for another search procedure. Several officers,
directed again by Major Cobas, ousted us from the barracks with the
intention of distancing us from our belongings. I objected and asked to
remain present while they inspected my property which Cobas himself
refused. I warned that I was not responsible for what they might find in
my absence. The officer persisted in moving me away.

As has always happened, I was the only one of interest although they
searched the rest. The majority gathered around my bed searching among
books, reading each paper of the many that I posses, and setting aside
those they found "interesting," always news that brings me national and
international reality and that generally is far away and different from
that of government censors and authorized in their official media. They
also read the back covers of the books in order to practice the look of
the political police, and as on other occasions, to take them.

In the end, they only confiscated personal documents, printed news, two
CDs, one with the images of the false "witness" that the Prosecution
prepared against me in complicity with the police and the complainant
when they came to demand 54 years in jail for me and later, thanks to
those images, they had to desist. They also took another CD with the sad
documentary "Gusanos" which is about the fascist action of the
government against State of Sats (Estado de Sats). I suppose that if
those officers had the least bit of embarrassment and humanity, they
would feel shame.

The alarming thing is that they showed me an instrument that looked like
a screwdriver which can be used as a punch and which they claimed to
have found within a dark suitcase that I possess. I assured that it did
not belong to me, and the officer who said he found it blatantly lied
and claimed it was true. A prisoner interrupted to claim that it was his
property because he was trying it as a shoemaker's needle, and he sewed
work boots with it; then they left laughing with absolute cynicism.

It is no secret that they are searching desperately to implicate me even
more and add some crime in order again, as on prior occasions, to erase
the five year maximum sentence as stipulated by the Penal Code. Or a
tangible vengeance for the "Second Open Letter to Raul Castro," which I
dedicated this past February 28 on completing a "Year of Unjust

As always, they are plotting something, and also as always, they will
not find in me even an iota of giving in to their constant torture for
the "Crime" of thinking "DIFFERENTLY."

Angle Santiesteban-Prats

Lawton prison settlement. March 2014.

Follow the link to sign the petition for Amnesty International to
declare Cuban dissident Angel Santiesteban a prisoner of conscience.

Translated by mlk.

Source: S.O.S.: They Continue Harassing Angel Santiesteban in Prison /
Angel Santiesteban | Translating Cuba -

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