Monday, March 24, 2014

Norwegian Cruise Line Rescues Cuban Refugees

Norwegian Cruise Line Rescues Cuban Refugees
By Bens8806 | Posted March 22, 2014 | United States 4

Bens8806 was enjoying a relaxing trip on a Norwegian Cruise when just
north of Havana, Cuba the cruise line spotted a boat of refugees
floating in a small boat in the middle of the ocean on March 20. He was
standing on the ship's pool deck at the time, and saw the men in their
small vessel. He says the ship's captain came over the intercom and
stated that they were going to turn around and rescue the boat. 'All the
passengers started cheering and running to the back of the ship to spot
the small boat,' he said. He says once onboard, the cruise line's crew
cleaned up the 24 refugees and gave them new clothes and food to eat.
- Jareen, CNN iReport producer
On March 20th 2014, the Norwegian Pearl cruise ship practiced its rescue
and retrieval procedures in real time when a small boat with 24
individuals were seen drifting with the current of the ocean waving
white flags in distress. Their boat had an inboard motor that had broken
down three days earlier. All the passengers onboard the cruise vessel
were watching and cheering as the crew provided a rescue lifeboat for
the refugees to come aboard. The Norwegian ship then headed for U.S.
waters to meet with the U.S. Coast Guard and hand over the 24
individuals for further procedures on getting the refugees to the
correct authorities.

Source: Norwegian Cruise Line Rescues Cuban Refugees - CNN iReport -

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