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S.O.S. Another Brave Man is Dying

S.O.S. Another Brave Man is Dying / Angel Santiesteban
Posted on March 21, 2014

Alcibíades Guerra Marín is in a hunger strike after being sentenced to a
year in prison for demonstrating in public against totalitarianism. He
was charged with the supposed crime of "CONTEMPT". His wife, who is also
a Lady in White approached the place where they have me imprisoned,
asking me for help, and asking me to fight for his rights.

"For me it is an honor to cry out for the Cuban patriots, it is my duty."

She told me, his family was waiting for him at home, his only son. After
the sixteenth day (on strike), she was allowed to see him, along with
another Lady in White accompanying her. Alcibíades could not feel his
legs anymore. He had to be carried over from his solitary cell to the
visitors area.

He assured that he will continue his hunger strike until his civil
rights be restored. The dictatorship expects his health to worsen in
order to move him to a hospital inside Combinado Del Este Prison; in the
meanwhile, he remains in a dark and stinky hole where authorities try to
break his spirit.

Every Cuban is an accomplice in his suffering if he remains in silence.

Angel Santiesteban-Prats

Prison Settlement of Lawton, March 2004

The activist Alcibiades Guerra remains on hunger strike

5 March 2014

By Roberto de Jesús Guerra Pérez / Hablemos Press.

HAVANA, 5 March 2014. Political prisoner Alexis Osmany Palmero,
incarcerated in Valle Grande Jail, reports activist Alcibíades Guerra
Marín is on hunger strike because of his unfair sentencing.

Marín was detained on February 27th while protesting his wife's arrest,
the activist Melkis Faure Echevarría.

The activist was sentenced on the 28th to a year in jail accused of
Contempt for the figure of Fidel Castro, after he cried out ¡Abajo
Fidel! (Down with Fidel).

He began the strike in the holding area of Valle Grande Prison, located
in La Lisa municipality, Havana, where he was transferred on the 28th,
right after the trial.

Follow this link to sign the petition for Amnesty International to
declare Angel a prisoner of conscience.

Translated by: Rafael

19 March 2014

Source: S.O.S. Another Brave Man is Dying / Angel Santiesteban |
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