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Artist El Sexto Will Face Trial in a Few Hours

Artist El Sexto Will Face Trial in a Few Hours / 14ymedio
Posted on October 22, 2014

The trail of the independent artist Danilo Maldonado, known as El Sexto
– "The Sixth" – has been set for tomorrow at 8:30 AM in the Plaza of the
Revolution municipal court.

The cartoonist and creator of numerous graffiti is accused of the
alleged crime of threatening his wife, which could mask political
retaliation. The complaint was made by Danilo's wife's father, who was
also present as the main prosecution witness.

Friends and colleagues fear that the court hearing is a way of settling
accounts with this uncomfortable "king of the spray can." In statements
to 14ymedio, El Sexto has demonstration his dissatisfaction with the
legal process and has confirmed that his wife was present during the
session to "state what occurred." Right now the couple is living under
the same roof together with their small daughter and hope that "the
charges won't go forward."

With regards to tomorrow's trial, Maldonaldo believes, "There won't be
any problems, although there is always the pressure. Just for the simple
fact of thinking differently, I feel exposed in front of them."

In recent decades it has become a frequent practice to bring common
crime charges against activists and artists who undertake work critical
of the government. In a similar situation right now is the writer Angel
Santiesteban, condemned and sentenced to prison on alleged charges of
violation of domicile and injury.

Gorki Aguila, the famous singer and leader of the punk rock band Porno
para Ricardo is also on the list of those awaiting trial, accused of
alleged "drug abuse."

As a general rule, people critical of the government are not judged on
political reasons but for "common crimes" with the aim of limiting
solidarity and international pressure.

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