Thursday, October 23, 2014

Rubio to Kerry - No Cuba at Summit of Americas

Rubio to Kerry: No Cuba at Summit of Americas
By Ramsey Cox

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) told Secretary of State John Kerry Cuba should
not be allowed to participate in the upcoming Summit of the Americas in

Rubio wrote to Kerry on Tuesday, saying the administration has sent
mixed messages to the Panamanian government about Cuba's participation.

"Allowing a country that is a habitual violator of human rights and has
not allowed a free election in over 50 years would damage everything
that the Summit wishes to accomplish," Rubio wrote. "Cuba should not be
allowed to undermine the commitment to democracy made by the remaining
nations of the Western Hemisphere during the Summit process."
Rubio said the United States should stick to its word. At the 2001
summit, the United States made a formal commitment that a democratic
system was an essential condition for a country to be invited to
participate. Rubio said Cuba is a nondemocratic system, therefore Panama
should not allow Cuba to attend the gathering next year.

"The United States should not stand idly by if Panama does indeed intend
to invite Cuba to the Summit," Rubio wrote. "I urge you to reaffirm the
United States' position that Cuba should only be welcome to participate
in the Summit when the Castro regime abandons its repression of the
island's population."

Rubio is considered a potential GOP presidential nominee in 2016.

Source: Rubio to Kerry: No Cuba at Summit of Americas | TheHill -

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