Sunday, October 26, 2014

The Camera Says More than "Cuba Says"

The Camera Says More than "Cuba Says" / Regina Coyula
Posted on October 25, 2014

For several months now the Tuesday evening television news has featured
a series called "Cuba Says." The reporter, Thalia Gonzalez, and her team
seem to have been given the go-ahead to bring up — only to bring up —
the actual problems of average citizens. Yesterday's subject was
employment. What struck me more than the shallow discussion of this
topic were the opinions expressed by the respondents.

Notable was the widespread acceptance that anything coming out of
Ministry of Labor offices is of interest to no one, the aspirations
these people had to work for a private firm or to own a personal
business, the ease with which the they spoke about money and the
repeated use of the verb "to resolve," along with all that implies for
us Cubans.

The camera revealed what neither the interviewers' questions nor the
interviewees' answers could: the indifference with which the young
respondents on the street looked into the camera. Having a job is not
enough to get by. Salaries are not enough to live on.

22 October 2014

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