Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Down With the Embargo, Long Live the Embargo

Down With the Embargo, Long Live the Embargo / Orlando Luis Pardo Lazo
Posted on October 20, 2014

The New York Times is not in favor or against the American embargo of
the Cuban government. The New York Times is simply in favor of what in
every circumstance is most convenient to the Castro regime.

So it was that the New York Times just published this recycled editorial
where they ask for an end to the embargo for the 1959th time, even going
beyond American law (they are like frogs in the Fidelista fable,
demanding of the White Heron that governs at coups of presidential

So, in addition, the New York Times in a second act to its distracting
editorial, opened its plural debate pages to the one thousand and 959
Cubanologists: and so dissolved all the attention to not speak of what
is most important now (and has been for two years),
Olympianically omitting the presence in the United States of the witness
to a double State murder on the part of the Raul and Fidel regime.

In effect, Angel Carromero is in American territory. However, the last
reference on the New York Times to this criminal case of the Castro
regime was from last year. The complaint of the Payá-Acevedo family, the
complicity of the Spanish judiciary and executive with this announced
assassination, the violations and mockery of those uniformed in
olive-green on the little Island of the Infamous: none of this is
Newyorktimesable. They love only the embargo because they know it works
like an engine of little lies.

And because of this I don't have one ounce of respect for the great
media. They are killing machines in exchange for majestic salaries. I
prefer the tiny voices of the nobodies. The almost anonymous biographies
of the redeemers and their blogs with zero commentaries in every post.

So they killed Harold Cepero and Oswaldo Payá, martyrs to a perverse
country where a perpetual power stones you and manipulates you to death
with impunity. The Cuban Interior Ministry killed them both on Sunday,
22 July 2012, like two nobodies who are now barely doubtful statistics
for the Ph.D.-holding experts of the New York Times. In this Manhattan
edifice, so chilling in its supposed transparency, I say: Fuck you, New
York Times.

But, of course, the debate of our exile, historic or recently arrived,
follows the rhyme of the New York Times. Some say: lift it… Other say:
keep it… and the arguments in both cases were conceived decades ago by
the genocidal hierarchs from Havana.

What is laughable about this debate between dinosaurs is that it keeps
the commanderesque mummy of Fidel alive and kicking: the dictator makes
us dance the motherfuckers' conga every time his cadaverous cojones come

Cubasummatum est.

14 October 2014

Source: Down With the Embargo, Long Live the Embargo / Orlando Luis
Pardo Lazo | Translating Cuba -

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