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Different Methods, Same Objective: To Annihilate the Opposition

Different Methods, Same Objective: To Annihilate the Opposition / Angel
Posted on June 25, 2015

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, June 3, 2015 — No "disinterested" person would
say that the encounter by José Alberto Botell, the aggressor, with
Guillermo Fariñas and his companions was casual, of a personal nature,
or even an ordinary attempted mugging.

On the contrary, we know that the government is committed to eliminating
its opponents. It is obvious that the attack was thought out, planned,
and strategically arranged.

The perpetrator must have been extorted, as State Security commonly
does, to induce him to commit such a crime. They must have promised him
that they would forget some other crime that he had committed, maybe a
worse one, if he carried out the order to kill Fariñas, and even then
maybe he didn't fully comply out of fear of being sacrificed later.

The attacker's life is now in as much danger as Fariñas's, because they
don't leave loose ends, witnesses who could some day be their own
accusers. But they sent the "convict" to a camp or settlement, and he
will not serve even half of his sentence; they maintain him with
privileges and facilities far different than those of real prisoners.

Meanwhile, State Security will continue studying another strategy for
killing Fariñas. Remember that they committed other assassination
attempts against Oswaldo Payá before the "accident" that killed him.

There are pictures taken a week before the fateful day showing the
condition of his minivan after a State truck hit it, purposely dragging
him along an avenue, but without managing to accomplish the task of
eliminating the opposition leader, and without concern that his family
was inside the vehicle.

Despite the tremendous media fiasco resulting from the failed attempt to
assassinate Guillermo Fariñas, the government has shown that it is
resolved to get rid of its political opponents.

The Castro Regime Misogyny

On Sunday May 31, they again violently repressed the Ladies in White.
Every day the dictatorship is busy letting the opposition know that it
is willing to continue governing the country as if it were its private
property, even if to accomplish this it has to murder, savagely beat,
arrest, and falsely accuse those who try to prevent it.

Lady-in-White Yaqueline Bonne—who recently claimed that State Security
proposed that she become an undercover agent in exchange for relaxed
prison conditions for her son Yasser—has been physically punished, as if
it were not enough that they sent her son from a settlement to a camp
with harsher conditions.

The Cuban governors joke with increasing cynicism about talks with the
United States and the European Union. Wishful thinking of improvements
in human rights will die of heartbreak.

Ángel Santiesteban-Prats, June 3, 2015

Source: Different Methods, Same Objective: To Annihilate the Opposition
/ Angel Santiesteban | Translating Cuba -

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