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The Lowdown on Accommodations in Cuba

The Lowdown on Accommodations in Cuba
NICK AND DARIECE | JUNE 29, 2015 11:00 PM ET

As travel restrictions for Cuba loosen in America, more and more people
are looking to this island nation for their next holiday. But many
people still retreat to the "safety" of the resort town of Varadero.
While an all-inclusive holiday may be something you're more comfortable
with, there is little of Cuba's true culture, history, and cuisine in
When you're preparing for a trip to Cuba, consider spending a day, a
week, or your entire trip outside of the resort and experience a Cuba
that is as safe as it is unique. In this article, we'll fill you in on
what the different accommodations are like on this vibrant island nation.
Basically you have three main options for accommodation in Cuba. Family
owned "Casa Particulars" (home stays), state run hotels, or state-run

Casa Particulars

We highly recommend Casa Particulars for a more intimate Cuban
experience. You'll be able to stay in a private room with a private
bathroom in a local family home. You can enjoy meals with your Cuban
hosts and get a great insight into the country and its people.
We recommend booking through HostelsClub.com because they have hundreds
of great casas all around the country. Casa particulars are also a great
way to put money into local business owners' pockets, rather than into
the governments hotels and resort chains.
There are some fantastic resorts in Cuba, but for the most part you'll
find Soviet-style square facades that look like an eyesore on an
otherwise stunning stretch of beach. Resorts vary in price, charm and,
service, but you can generally expect that you won't get the quality
that you'll find in resorts in Mexico or some other Caribbean islands.
Also, many of the resorts are built in Varadero which has a lovely bit
of white sand and aquamarine waters, but aside from beaches, resorts,
tourist restaurants and bars, you really won't see much in the city. If
you want to experience any of Cuba's history, architecture, food or real
culture, it's best to venture away from the major resort towns.


Many of Cuba's hotels are set in beautifully restored Spanish colonial
mansions and they are truly an experience to be had. If you have it in
your budget, we recommend picking one of the nice hotels in a city like
Havana, Trinidad or Cienfuegos and enjoy a whole other side of Cuba.
These buildings are often an experience in themselves and are definitely
worth a visit, even if you don't plan to stay in one, you should stop in
a look around.
Are We Biased to a Particular Lodging?
This article may sound a little one-sided, tipped towards staying in
Casa Particulars, but to be honest, we feel like it is the best way to
see Cuba.
Staying with local families gives you an insight into the local culture
that you simply can't get easily from a hotel or resort. Aside from
that, you get your own private space and you'll make some great friends
along the way.
Cuba is safe, friendly and incredibly hospitable. No matter how you plan
to visit it, you're in for a great travel experience.
Which type of accommodation would you choose?

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