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Enemies Of Their People

Enemies Of Their People / Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrara Duran
Posted on June 22, 2015

Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrara Duran, Havana, 19 June 2015 — While
conversing with a friend, he tells me that his friend told him, "You are
speaking with an enemy of the Revolution." My friend confessed to me
that he really does not know who the true enemy is, if it is I, or those
who label me that way.

Labels such as these — counterrevolutionary, worm, salaried employee of
the empire — and others, are used contemptuously about anyone who
expresses a view contrary to the Cuban government. A regime that has
been in power for more than 56 years without rule of law and with only
one party, controls everything!

Since 1959, the so-called Revolutionary government took power and began
fomenting hatred against anyone who was not in favor of it. This
divisiveness took over everyone, even affecting families in which some
members were not sympathizers of the regime.

Thus did hatred grow, and the rejection of other Cubans who criticize
the government and its followers. These Cubans have the right to
differing thoughts and opinions, without having their patriotism called
into question. Citizens throughout the world, even if they think
differently, have the same right.

I see how mistreated are people on the Island who oppose the regime. We
have as an example the beatings inflicted on the Ladies in White, and
other opposition members, who have their own opinions and express them
with courage.

Individuals like them, who demand the reestablishment of true democracy
in Cuba — despite the abuse and indifference they endure from many other
Cubans — wage an open struggle.

There needs to be a true evaluation of who are the so-called enemies.

Those who join with the government and defend its continuation in power
do not consider the miserable salaries and poor living conditions of the
great majority of the population.

Despite the propaganda machine claiming that education and health care
are "free," we pay a high cost for them.

Those who call us enemies should stop and think: Who, really, are the

Translated by Alicia Barraqué Ellison

Source: Enemies Of Their People / Hablemos Press, Eduardo Herrara Duran
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