Tuesday, August 23, 2016

AT&T announces Cuba voice, text, data service

AT&T announces Cuba voice, text, data service
Ron Hurtibise
Sun Sentinel

AT&T says you'll soon be able to walk around Cuba staring at your device
AT&T customers will soon be able to walk around Cuba yakking to their
friends, texting about nightlife plans or staring at apps — just like in
the U.S.

AT&T announced agreements with Cuba's state-owned telecommunications
monopoly, Empresa De Telecomunicaciones, for "Cuba roaming and direct

"Cuba is a growing international calling destination for our customers,"
said Bill Hague, executive vice president, AT&T Global Connection
Management. "With this agreement, AT&T customers soon will be able to
seamlessly connect with talk, text and data while visiting Cuba.

But that's all AT&T was willing to release on Monday, adding only, "We
will announce commencement of wireless roaming availability and pricing
for AT&T customers visiting Cuba at a later date." Through a
spokeswoman, the company declined to provide more details about the deal.

Numerous companies have announced agreements to conduct business on the
Communist-controlled island since President Obama announced resumption
of diplomatic ties in July 2015.

In July, Pompano Beach based Stonegate Bank announced that it had agreed
to a corresponding banking relationship with Banco Internacional de

The U.S. Coast Guard is reporting what seems to be a rising trend of
violent incidents in which Cuban balseros have shown a willingness to
injure themselves in an effort to be brought to shore.
In February, a two-man company from Alabama announced it was approved to
build tractors and other heavy equipment at what would be the first U.S.
factory on the island in more than 50 years.

In May, Carnival Corp.'s Fathom brand made history with its first cruise
from Miami to Havana.

JetBlue and American Airlines, meanwhile, are set to offer the first
regularly scheduled air service, beginning late this month and in early

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