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Social Networks Respond To Randy Alonso - I-Am-Not-Ex-Cuban

Social Networks Respond To Randy Alonso: I-Am-Not-Ex-Cuban / 14ymedio,
Mario Penton

14ymedio, Mario Penton, Miami, 19 August 2016 — A recent comment by
official journalist Randy Alonso has generated a number of protests on
social networks.

The well-known Cuban TV host questioned the nationality of the Cuban
athlete Orlando Ortega, who won silver medal competing for Spain at the
Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

On the Roundtable program, which he moderates on Cuban State TV, Alonso
dedicated a segment to Cuba's performance in the Olympic Games in Rio de
Janeiro and spoke about the "controversial elements" in that sporting
event, mentioning the case of "the ex-Cuban Orlando Ortega who is going
to compete for Spain, and other cases of athletes who have jumped from
one country to another." The journalist placed his speech in the context
of a supposed controversy "that today animates the international sports
scene, tempered by the growing influence of money."

In conversation with14ymedio, Milkos Danilo Sosa Molina, a young Cuban
who lives in Miami, said he was "outraged" by the moderator's
words. "Nobody has the right to deny the nationality of a single person
because they do not want to live in their own country," he said.

Molina calls on young Cubans abroad to use the hashtag #YoNoSoyExcubano
(I Am Not Ex-Cuban) in response to what her considers Randy Alonso's
"unacceptable attitude."

"They consider us to be Cubans for some things and not for others. They
want Cubans to be only those who think like them and live in Cuba, but
the odd thing is that to enter your country they consider you a Cuban
and demand that you use a national passport. In this way they get
hundreds of dollars out of you," he comments.

Other social network users on Facebook, such as Norges Rodriguez,
following the logic of Randy Alonso, have questioned the nationality of
Henry Reeve and Maximo Gomez for having left their country and fought
with foreign armies for the freedom of other countries. Fernando Alvarez
wrote #YoNoSoyExCubano, I was born in Cuba, I am and will be 100% Cuban
wherever I am!"

The Roundtable is a television program that began in December 1999 amid
the Cuban government's campaign for the repatriation of Elian
Gonzalez. It airs Monday through Friday and was a favorite of Cuban
president Fidel Castro, who regularly spoke for hours on the program.

This newspaper tried to access the program mentioned in the official
website of the Roundtable, but it has been removed from the YouTube
platform in the United States at the request of the International
Olympic Committee for violating copyright. Cuban television commonly
uses audiovisual content belonging to third parties without paying for
the services.

Source: Social Networks Respond To Randy Alonso: I-Am-Not-Ex-Cuban /
14ymedio, Mario Penton – Translating Cuba -

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