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Jose Marti, Tell the Tyrant…

Jose Marti, Tell the Tyrant… / Jeovany Jimenez Vega

Commentary by Carmen Zampallo in the forum of the article "Martí and his
Myth," by José Gabriel Barrenechea, published at 14:30m on the 17 May
2015. Thanks, Carmen, wherever you may be!

Where are you Martí? What have you become? In your name have been
created tyranny, torture camps, and forced labor. Yes, Marti, we live
with dictatorship, with cells and beatings that you never imagined.
Martí, the tyrant in green clothes erected you as an idol and today he
kills us, Martí, and nobody listens.

The cruelty by the cruelty of a disciple? There is nobody like him for
hating the Cuban people and, Martí, it is said that the Tyrannosaurus
will rest beside you. I do not believe it, Marti, since he has never let
you rest in peace. What's more, fortunately, he would be eternally
within the reach of your fist and your foot. Although the temperature of
his tomb is infernal, thirty human rights offices will be erected after
its fifth consecutive cremation.

Martí, tell the Tyrannosaurus there that I am Hubert Matos, Eloy
Gutiérrez, Reinaldo Arenas, Ricardo Bofill, Pedro Luis Boitel, Payá, and
so many political prisoners, and those shot and killed.

I am a medical slave, a family divided; we are commanders, Communist
guerrillas and other who are not Communists, betrayed by him. I am his
rebellious sister, I am a business and an angry right. I am a dancer, I
am a sportsman and a censored painter. I am a gay person, a religious
person in the UMAP concentration camp, I am a rafter at the bottom of
the sea.

I am exiled trapped in Ecuador or Mexico and I am a pilot shot down
north of Havana. I am a mother who has seen all the dead depart.

We will adjust accounts and take care in the Beyond that no-one ever
returns to this beautiful land. They finished their time, finished, and
the living will undo that maximum creation, that hematic auctioned
unproductive Caribbean satellite.

Martí, hopefully you will rewrite and publish the now-hidden texts that
contained your opinion on the nascent socialism. They were removed from
your work.

Hopefully you get it… I hope they do not hit you.

From the blog of Jeovany Jimenez Vega

Translated by Hombre de Paz

Source: Jose Marti, Tell the Tyrant… / Jeovany Jimenez Vega –
Translating Cuba -

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