Saturday, August 27, 2016

Cuba calls Miami conference on internet freedom an act of ‘subversion’

Cuba calls Miami conference on internet freedom an act of 'subversion'
In Cuba Today Staff

Josefina Vidal, Cuba's Foreign Ministry's director general for the
United States, said that an upcoming conference in Miami on internet use
on the island seeks to promote internal subversion.

"The illegal use of radio and television against Cuba is not enough for
them, they insist on the use of the internet as a weapon of subversion,"
Vidal wrote in her Twitter account Thursday.

Her comment was in reaction to an article published by the
government-run Cubadebate criticizing the Cuba Internet Freedom
conference to be held in Miami Sept. 12-13, which is being organized by
the U.S.-funded Office of Cuba Broadcasting (OCB).

Cubadebate characterized the event as "the first conference on internet
use in Cuba, as part of subversion programs by the U.S. government
against the island that have been maintained during the administration
of Barack Obama."

The article went on to say that,"since [former president] George W. Bush
activated the Law for Democracy in Cuba, which empowers the U.S.
Congress to allocate $20 million a year for programs to promote regime
change in Cuba, has spent $284 million over the past two decades for
this purpose."

The Cuba Internet Freedom conference is part of Social Media Week taking
place in Miami's Wynwood Arts District.

Source: Cuba calls Miami internet freedom conference an act of
'subversion' | In Cuba Today -

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