Monday, June 28, 2010

34 Cuban refugees come ashore in Palm Beach County

Posted on Sunday, 06.27.10
34 Cuban refugees come ashore in Palm Beach County
Palm Beach Post

OCEAN RIDGE -- Thirty-four people, some who told police they left Cuba
three days ago in a 28-foot twin-engine boat, were taken into custody
about 4 a.m. Sunday after they came ashore on the beach just south of
Boynton Inlet.

The group - 16 men, 13 women and five males under 18 - were all in good
health. All said they were Cuban citizens, said John Dair, a supervisor
with the U.S. Border Patrol.

``Some are telling us they were on the boat three days. Others say
longer. They could have been let off a vessel and come ashore. It seems
they are being deceptive,'' said John Solek, another supervisor with the
Border Patrol.

All 34 are in custody at immigration processing centers in Riviera Beach
and Dania Beach. Unless they are found to have criminal charges pending
against them, they are expected to be released on their own
recognizance, Dair said.

Not since December 2008 has such a large number of immigrants come
ashore in Palm Beach County. At Boynton Beach's Boat Club Park, U.S.
Customs officials took 33 immigrants into custody, Dair said.

``That they made that three-day adventure without help seems highly
unlikely,'' Solek said. ``We are still investigating.''

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