Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Cuba starts producing surgical gauze

Cuba starts producing surgical gauze
June 08, 2010 (Cuba)

With a view to exercise a cut, on the imports of surgical gauze and to
domestically source the demand for the same in hospitals and medical
centres, an industry in Cuba has started manufacturing the same within
the country.

A textile company based in Villa Clara has been authorized by the
National State Medical Equipment Centre to manufacture this medical
product and to also promote the same within the country.

A number of clinical and bacteriological investigations were carried on
the cotton gauze to establish its resistance, prior to certifying the same.

Until now, the factory has manufactured around 800,000 square meters of
gauze and viewing the country's requirement of 36 million square meters
of surgical gauze per year, it is believed that, such domestic gauze
production would steadily supplant the imports.

The plant would be operational round the clock and would give out around
10 million square meters of gauze in the current year.

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