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Heading to Havana?

Heading to Havana?
June 3rd, 2010
William Horning

My business ventures allow me to talk with some very special people both
in the United States and around the world. This past week I had a very
special phone encounter with a Cuban exile living in Florida, so you're
getting a first hand Cuba update, part of this man's personal story.

This gentleman was born in Cuba before the "Revolucion", the son of a
British father and an American mother. His father was a well-to-do
banker in Havana and he was raised in a large house with the five
members of his family and six servants.

His house was in a fine neighborhood. Fidel Castro had married a
neighbor's daughter, and Fernando Batista, the former dictator, married

On the night of the Revolucion, his family hopped a plane to Miami.

Upon arrival, Castro supporters met the plane and they had to wait
several hours for police reinforcements to arrive before they could get
safely out of the airport.

In recent years, relations have loosened up between the United States
and Cuba where travel in now possible to Cuba. Cuba wants the tourists
and their money. This man just recently returned from his second trip
back to his home country since the Communist takeover.

With his family background, even though he looks Anglo, he speaks fluent
Cuban with the correct accent, which surprised the government customs
agents. They told him, "Welcome to Cuba." He was also able to travel
freely around the country, unlike most tourists who all receive the
escort services of a government agent.

His long desire was to find his old family home, and this time was able
to locate it. After talking with the current residents, he was allowed
inside to look around.

A few things had changed! Most noticeably, 30 people – yes 30 – now live
in the house. The second biggest change was that all the appliances had
been removed from the kitchen and cinder blocks moved in behind which
charcoal stoves now did the cooking. The walls of the kitchen were all
black with soot.

The people there were glad to be able to ask him a few things about the
house that they could not figure out. Cuban people still like Americans
despite the government they live under, which they hate. The once
beautiful city and country is a disaster.

Food is heavily rationed. The amount a family receives a month isn't
really enough for one week. How far do you think you could make it
through the month on a skimpy list that included just a few items like
one chicken, a few vegetables, some oil, some flour and six cigarettes?
That isn't the exact list, but it gives you the idea.

Of course, the Cuban people do get a free education and free health
care, both of which are sub-standard. Why are so many Americans fooled
into thinking we need to copy Cuba, to copy what is not good, just
because it is free? They haven't taken a look behind the curtain.

Most visitors only get to see the tightly controlled and fixed up
tourist areas. Cubans are now allowed to visit stores, but it is
meaningless since they have no money. The media lies to us about all the
other bad things going on in Cuba, just like they said Castro was not a
Communist in 1959. He was, and now Cuba suffers terribly.

Thanks to increasing socialism in the United States, I'll be darn if
Havana isn't coming here. With Commubama care, and other evil
legislation either passed since he took office or under consideration
now, Havana's headed to us or we're headed to Havana for sure. Obama
created more new government agencies in just the Health bill than in all
of FDR's New Deal. I don't want to be on that boat.

The last chance to cancel your one-way cruise ticket to Havana (YES,
you're a scheduled passenger, you just may not know it yet, since Obama
bought the ticket for you with your money) will be this coming Nov. 2.

We had all better unite and jump the Democratic or Socialist ship while
we still can. Don't even think about heading to Havana or allowing any
of your friends to take the trip. Warn them! Find a Constitutional lifeboat.

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