Friday, June 25, 2010

Citrus Products Company in Camagüey undergoes corporate restructuring


Citrus Products Company in Camagüey undergoes corporate restructuring

As part of a corporate reorganization process, Sola's Citrus Products
Company in the municipality of Sierra de Cubitas, some 60 kilometers
north of Camagüey, is now appraising the conditions of its fields, at a
time it is also working on the recovery of some of its areas.

Besides, the company is seeking how to encourage the production of other
crops, for which its personnel should speed up actions in farms that
were notoriously affected by a months-long drought; that's why they are
striving for completing the sowing in fields under irrigation.

As combinable break crops, vegetables, root vegetables and grains have
been sowed the in red clay soils of Sierra de Cubitas - once the largest
producer of citrus and other crops in Cuba's largest province.

This method helps to make the best use of the irrigated areas and of the
nutrients used by certain crops which remain on the dirt even after the

As in other parts of the province, the handing over of state-owned idle
lands in usufruct to farmers is going on as a strategy to boost the food
production in Sierra de Cubitas.


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