Thursday, June 24, 2010

Cuban hunger striker, now 110 pounds, hospitalized

Posted on Friday, 06.18.10
Cuban hunger striker, now 110 pounds, hospitalized

The Cuban political prisoner who has been on a hunger strike since April
16 was admitted to a Havana hospital Thursday, human rights activists in
Miami said.

Egberto Escobedo Morales was transferred from a Camagüey prison to the
hospital at the Combinado del Este penitentiary in Havana, Directorio
Democratico said.

Escobedo, who has not eaten for 64 days to protest prison conditions,
called his wife from the hospital, the organization said.

Escobedo, who is anemic, is losing his memory and vision and is
suffering from a kidney stone, fevers and pains, and weighs 110 lbs.

``All I want is for nothing to happen to him,'' his wife María Cristina
Labrada said in a statement.

His medical treatment has mirrored that given to prisoner Orlando Zapata
Tamayo, who died in February after going without food for more than 80
days, Directorio said.

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