Friday, October 8, 2010

Cuban doctors down tools at Leonora Diagnostic Centre

Cuban doctors down tools at Leonora Diagnostic Centre
October 7, 2010 | By KNews (Guyana)

Several Cuban doctors and nurses walked off their duties yesterday at
the Leonora Cottage Hospital because of a water problem at the facilities.
Responding to complaints, Kaieteur News on a visit to the West Coast
Demerara Diagnostic Centre which serves residents between Windsor Forest
and Parika, found an abnormally deserted compound and a lone Cuban
doctor handling a few emergencies.

Officials there said that six Cuban doctors, apparently disgusted with
dry faucets, decided to protest and went home shortly after reporting
for duty. The doctors are being housed a few doors south of the
Diagnostic Centre.
It has not been the first time that the centre has been experiencing the
water supply problem but this time, the doctors had decided enough was
Also refusing to work were more than 10 assistants, all said to be Cubans.
Yesterday, officials of the Region Three administration said that they
were unaware of the issue but would investigate.
"How de people come in they taxis…is so they left."
When asked why they were leaving, the patients said that they were told
that there were no doctors.
In addition to treating emergencies, the facility also conducts
dentistry and other key services. Several senior citizens were said to
be affected by the incident.
Calls to the Ministry of Health's Regional Health offices went
unanswered yesterday and efforts to contact Minister within the Ministry
of Health, Bheri Ramsarran, proved futile.
Just over a year ago, on November 4, doctors had also downed tools in
protest of water shortage.

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