Saturday, October 23, 2010

Exotic Shrimp Found in Cienfuegos Bay

Exotic Shrimp Found in Cienfuegos Bay
CIENFUEGOS, Cuba, Oct 22 (acn) A shellfish species known as kinglet rock
shrimp, which is not typically found in the warm waters of the
Caribbean, was reported by Cuban scientists in Cienfuegos Bay.
Cuban News Agency

According to researcher Raul Fernandez Garcia of the Environmental
Studies Center of Cienguegos (CEAC), this type of shrimp of the genus
Sicyonia typical has never been seen in the bay.
The expert told the local press that finding does not have a commercial
value, but only a biological value because kinglet rock shrimps captured
in the Cuban coast are not bigger than eight centimeters.
Other sea species had been previously sighted such as the green-lipped
mussel that was widely expanded in the bay and the lionfish, which has
turned out to be more attractive than ferocious.
Because of its favorable weather and little contamination despite the
industrial development, Cienfuegos bay is home to the white and pink
shrimp and to important colonies of green and red algae. Throughout his
scientific career, Fernandez Garcia has reported around 30 species of
mussels close or linked to the bay.

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