Friday, October 8, 2010

Marambio countersues

Marambio countersues

Chilean businessman Max Marambio began legal proceedings before the
Paris-based International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), Chile's La Tercera
newspaper reported.

After a one-year investigation, Cuba accused the long-time owner of
Cuba-based Productos Río Zaza of irregularities and indicted Marambio.
When a deadline expired without Marambio appearing before an
investigator, Cuba issued an arrest warrant.

"The central objective of this legal action is the unrestricted defense
of my honor, that of my collaborators, and of all people who have
cooperated with, and trusted in, the entrepreneurial project Río Zaza,"
Marambio wrote in a press release. He explained the ICC was the forum
for disputes indicated by the Cuban government to foreign investors,
adding that the ICC offers the necessary neutrality to "fight a conflict
built on unfounded and libelous accusations."

He said the prosecution was initiated by "some Cuban authorities" who
"exceeded their legal status."

"I will go through this process with serenity, prudence and firmness,"
Marambio said. "I will do this maintaining the same feelings of
admiration and respect towards what has been the Cuban Revolution, with
the certainty that the truth is always revolutionary and always ends up
winning, if it is defended with solidity and conviction."

Since the 1990s Marambio, a former student leader in Chile and member of
Cuba's special forces, used his close relationship with the Cuban
government to build a thriving business.

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