Sunday, October 10, 2010

Ghanaian Students In Cuba Appeal To President Mills

Ghanaian Students In Cuba Appeal To President Mills
Date: 10-Oct-2010

Dear Mr. Editor, We will be very, very happy if you can kindly publish
our grievances in your respected news paper with the above title to draw
the attention of his Excellency our president professor John Evans Atta

We are six Ghanaian students here in the republic of Cuba who are
not under the government scholarship scheme Since 2006.We did all that
we could for the previous government to incorporate us into this
scheme to ease us from suffering but to no avail. All promises were
made to us and we are still in vain. We are not politicians but we
believed politics played an important role in our case thus; four of
us were send by the NDC then in opposition and the other by PNC.

Your Excellency, we are living in a country where a foreigner is not
permitted to work not even a student. All of us are from remote areas
from our beloved country, Ghana. Life here and anywhere on earth
without a help is a menace and that is what we are going through since

Your Excellency, our appeal to your high office is to cause the
scholarship secretarial to incorporate us into this scheme for this
academic year 2010-2011.It shall be the greatest time in our life if
that is done.

We therefore pray your high office to please and kindly consider
our appeal as an urgent one. Your intervention will go a long way in
easing us from our predicaments. We are waiting for a positive result
from your high office because we believed in your better Ghana agenda.
Long live your leadership. Long live our republic. Thank you.

Yours faithfully,

Gumah Joseph Wuni (industrial engineering)

Sebastian Tette (Electrical engineering)

Felix Ajei(Medicine)

Edward Bediako (Medicine)

Abdul Ibn (Mining)

Martha Amo (medicine)

His Excellency Mr.D.S Boateng
Ambassador of the republic of Ghana to Cuba
Master Frimpong Agyemang (students' union president)

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