Sunday, October 31, 2010

Norwegian emergency aid to Haiti

Norway Post: Norwegian emergency aid to Haiti
31 October 2010 | 03:37 | FOCUS News Agency

Oslo. Norway is intensifying its cooperation with Cuban doctors in
Haiti, the Norway Post disclosed. An additional NOK 5 million (USD 850
000) has been allocated for cholera medicine and equipment.
The new agreement focuses on measures to address the outbreak of cholera
in Haiti.
Minister of the Environment an International Development Erik Solheim
commented, "I am pleased that we are increasing our cooperation with
Cuba in Haiti. The outbreaks of cholera we are now seeing demonstrate
how vulnerable the Haitian population is. By channelling support via the
Cuban doctors, we can reach out to those who are suffering."
The agreement between Cuba and Norway is a follow-up of the agreement on
health cooperation that was concluded immediately after the earthquake
in January.
For many years, Cuba has played an important role in the Haitian health
service. Today, more than 930 Cuban doctors and other health workers are
working all over the country, and more than 500 Haitian doctors have
been trained in Cuba at no cost."

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