Thursday, June 23, 2011

Silvio Rodriguez: Resistance to change caused "much harm" to Cuba

Silvio Rodriguez: Resistance to change caused "much harm" to Cuba
Published June 22, 2011

Havana – Cuban singer-songwriter Silvio Rodriguez said in an interview
on state-run television that resistance to change "did harm, much harm"
to Communist-ruled Cuba, but he added that he feels optimistic because
the "inertia (has been) broken."

His interviewer, fellow musical artist Amaury Perez, the host of the
program "Con 2 que se quieran," asked Rodriguez: "You believe that what
can do the most harm to a country is state interventionism?"

"Yes. The inflexibility that we have suffered from for years did us
harm, much harm and I think that we've broken the inertia, fortunately,
in many directions and we have to keep moving forward," responded
Rodriguez, one of the founders of the Nueva Trova Cubana, along with
Perez and Pablo Milanes, among others.

"There's no doubt I feel optimistic because we've broken the inertia,
and because we're getting ourselves moving, which is a universal
principle - how can we be static when everything is moving?" the
64-year-old musician added.

Rodriguez also said he considered himself to be a pro-regime artist on
the condition that "if it's the Cuban Revolution, the Revolution that
Fidel (Castro) commanded and that so many worthy people have continued,
Raul (Castro), Che (Guevara), Camilo (Cienfuegos), all those people,
it's a great honor, my brother, a very great honor to be pro-government."

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