Tuesday, June 21, 2011

The war against the freedom fighting couple

The war against the freedom fighting couple
By Babalublog on 06/20/2011 – 5:25 am PDT -- Headlines

Uncommon Sense has more on the war being waged against Antúnez and his
wife Iris; husband and wife freedom fighters who together risk their
lives in the struggle against tyranny in Cuba.

Castro dictatorship at war with husband-wife freedom fighters

Antunez Iris and Antunez

Two of the most fearless fighters in Cuba against the Castro
dictatorship are former political prisoner Jorge Luis Garcia Perez
"Antunez" and his wife Iris Tamara Pérez Aguilera.

Which explains why regime spares no effort to try to keep the
couple under control — up to and including threatening their very lives,
as evidenced by events on Sunday.

Via Radio Marti and Twitter, Antunez reports that he and Iris,
along with fellow activist Eriberto Liranza, were arrested and detained
in Havana. The couple had traveled to the capital so that Iris could
undergo medical tests for symptoms she has suffered since she was beaten
by police earlier this month.

This is Cuba, where Cubans don't have the right to travel wherever
they want, so the police ordered Antunez and Iris expelled back to their
hometown of Placetas. Liranza's whereabouts were unknown, according to
Antunez's tweets.

Antunez and his wife rarely let the regime have the final say about
what they do and this time is no exception.

Via Twitter, Antunez said Iris is prepared to start a hunger strike
until she is allowed to receive the care she needs.


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