Saturday, June 18, 2011

Two Cuban university students defect in Orlando

Two Cuban university students defect in Orlando
By Babalublog on 06/18/2011 – 6:31 am PDT -- Headlines

Two Cuban university students sent by the Castro regime to compete in a
computer sciences competition in Orlando took advantage of the
opportunity of standing on free ground and defected from the communist

Via El Nuevo Herald (my translation):

Promising Cuban students defect

Two Cuban computer sciences students coincidentally defected on the
same day without one knowing the plans of the other.

Both were part of a university delegation that traveled from Havana
to Orlando to participate in a computer sciences competition.

Otto Alberto Leon Negri, a 21 year old student of the University of
Havana School of Mathematics and Computers, and Luis Angel Giro Valdes,
who is 23, a member of the team from the University of Computer
Sciences, left the delegation this past May 30th. They remained hidden
for several weeks in the homes of family and friends in South Florida
until recently when they decided to tell their story to El Nuevo Herald.

"I slipped out, that's what I did," said Leon on Friday in an
interview in which Valdes joined him. "I waited for the right moment and
I walked out unnoticed," Valdes said.

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