Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Accessing the Internet in Cuban Churches

Accessing the Internet in Cuban Churches / Cuban Legal Advisor, Yaremis
Cuban Legal Advisor, Translator: BW, Yaremis Flores
By Lic. Yarmis Flores

Liu, reader of this blog, asked the Office if Cuban churches one can
have access to the internet. Since 1996, the Cuban government, has been
clear about its policy with respect to full access to internet services,
in Decree 209 of the Council of Ministers, "Access from the Republic of
Cuba to Information Networks of Global Reach."

The island's government established its proposal to guarantee full
access to the Internet, but in a regulated form and acting in the
national interests, giving priority to the connection of people in the
judiciary and the institutions of the most relevance to the life and
development of the country.

All the users with access to the internet on the island, be they Cubans
or foreign residents in Cuba, need authorization from the Ministry of
Information and Communication (MIC).

In addition, the IP address has to be registered (the only addressing
protocol of the Internet, assigned to each machine or device found on
the network) and they are controlled by the Agency of Control and
Supervision of the MIC. Penalties are imposed on those who don't comply
with this requirement, like the removal of the license to be an Internet

It is not recommended to access the Internetsecretly, because if the
authorities suspect some irregularity in a church or religious group, an
order is not required to carry out a search, because Article 217 of the
Law of Legal Procedure establishes that "To enter and search a temple or
other place intended for a religious group, handing a messageto the
attention of theperson in charge is all that is required."

Translated by: BW

August 28 2012

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